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University of Amsterdam
Institute of Physics
Postbus 94485
1090 GL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Science Park 904
room C4.265

Email: physics@jvanwezel.com

I am an associate professor in Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Amsterdam.
I do research in theoretical condensed matter physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITFA) within the Institute of Physics.

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Recent Publications

  1. "Signatures of the charge density wave collective mode in the infrared optical response of VSe2"
    Xuanbo Feng, Jans Henke, Corentin Morice, Charles J. Sayers, Enrico Da Como, Jasper van Wezel, and Erik van Heumen
    Phys. Rev. B [editors' suggestion], 104, 165134 (2021)

  2. "Topological invariants of rotationally symmetric crystals"
    Jans Henke, Mert Kurttutan, Jorrit Kruthoff, and Jasper van Wezel
    Phys. Rev. B (Letter), 104, L201110 (2021)

  3. "Inconsistency of linear dynamics and Born's rule"
    Lotte Mertens, Matthijs Wesseling, Niels Vercauteren, Alonso Corrales-Salazar, and Jasper van Wezel
    Phys. Rev. A [Editor's Suggestion], 104, 052224 (2021)

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Recent Highlights

Topology with rotational symmetry

Although our recent classification of topological crystals predicted the existence of new types of topological phases in materials with rotational symmetries, it did not provide a way of identifying these new phases, nor any of their physical properties. We now complete the picture by proposing a unified method for calculating topological invariants that can diagnose all known types of topology, including the newly predicted ones. It also indicates when these new phases will have excitations localised at either their edges or corners.
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Highlight Picture   Born’s rule cannot emerge from linear dynamics

We give a theoretical proof that one of the fundamental open problems in physics -how Born’s rule relating quantum dynamics to observed classical probabilities- cannot be solved using linear or unitary theories. As a corollary, we also show that an often-used constructing which seemingly predicts the natural emergence of Born’s rule, in fact contains a logical flaw.

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Topological Bulk-Boundary correspondence in a non-Hermitian metamaterial

We demonstrate that a metamaterial of robots holding hands can realise a type of non-Hermitian topological state that has been hard to realise in natural matter. The metamaterial moreover establishes a bulk-boundary correspondence for the new phase, in which a localised mode moves from one side to the other as the robots undergo a topological phase transition.
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